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Yoga for Young Children

Yoga is a generic term referring to an ancient Indian discipline to train and enhance the body, mind, and spirit.  While yoga has been in existence for many centuries, its recent adaptation for use with young children is seeing a surge in popularity.  This article will discuss yoga for young children in topical overview.

Yoga for young children is similar to yoga for adults (we can all picture adults in familiar yoga poses), with a few notable differences.  Some of the more complex positions are not possible for young children who are still developing balance and fine motor skills.  Instruction for young children must be less structured than instruction for adults.  Also, instruction for young children is more interdisciplinary to include baseline information that adults have likely already acquired and to increase children’s interest and participation.

The benefits of yoga for children include:

  • decreased stress
  • increased peace and happiness
  • increased focus and concentration
  • increased self-esteem and self-knowledge
  • increase sense of connection to the natural world
  • strengthened family bond
  • increased social and emotional skills (including cooperation and compassion)
  • increased language and listening skills
  • fostered curiosity and imagination
  • increased physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance

With all these significant benefits in mind, it is clear why many parents are getting their young children involved in yoga.

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