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Fun Winter Activities for Kids

It’s cold and snowy outside.  Your kids are restless from being housebound.  Here are some fun winter activities to keep your kids occupied.


1.      Make snow men, snow angels, snow forts/castles, snow tunnels, snow slides, etc.

2.      Play tug of war in the snow

3.      Have a snowball fight

4.      Fill spray bottles with a mix of water and food coloring and have the kids make snow art outside by “painting” the snow

5.      Blow soap bubbles outside and watch them turn into ice bubbles

6.      Go sledding, skiing, ice skating, etc.

7.      Go for an evening car ride to view the pretty Christmas lights in your community

8.      Go caroling with family and friends

9.      Set food out for birds and squirrels and then retreat to the warmth of your home and watch the animals eat the food you set out for them

10.   Go on a photograph-taking expedition:  find and take pictures of the beauty of nature in winter


1.      Bake and decorate cookies

2.      Make snow ice cream

3.      Assemble chairs without casters on their legs in a room with a large open space, drape blankets or sheets across the tops of the chairs, and “camp” indoors

4.      Make arts/craft projects (finger painting, drawing, coloring, making paper mache objects, cutting paper snowflakes, etc.)

5.      Play board and video games together

6.      Put together a jigsaw puzzle

7.      Read a book together

8.      Watch family movies together

9.      Skype a family member or friend that the kids have not spoken to in quite some time

These and many other activities can keep your kids occupied for hours, even when it’s cold and snowy outside.  The fun is limited only by your imagination!

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