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Keeping Your Kids Active in Winter

Yours is an active family.  You love the great outdoors and enjoy the many fun summer activities that can be enjoyed in the warmth of that season . . . but what do you do when it’s wintertime and ch-ch-ch-chilly outside?

Outside Activities

(Note:  Ensure that your family is dressed in layers of warm clothing, including an outer layer that does not absorb moisture.)

1.      Go snowboarding, snowmobiling, skiing, sledding, tobogganing, ice skating, etc.

2.      Build snow people, snow forts, snow tunnels, snow slides, etc.

3.      Have a snowball fight.

4.      Shovel your sidewalks and driveway together . . . maybe even do snow shoveling for an elderly or disabled neighbor as well.

5.      Take a beautiful winter nature hike.  Take a camera to capture the wonder of nature.  Pack a lunch.

6.      Walk your family dog. (Ensure that your family dog is appropriately bundled for the weather.)

Inside Activities

1.      Enroll your kids in school, intramural, or civic sports such as football, basketball, hockey, or wrestling.

2.      Enroll in your kids in dance lessons, gymnastics classes, martial arts lessons, and other learning opportunities that provide your children with physical exercise.

3.      Put some space heaters in your garage and have a dance party in your garage.

4.      Rent the indoor swimming pool of a gym or hotel near you, decorate the pool area in Hawaiian theme, and have a pool party.  Ask guests to wear their Hawaiian shirts.  Give leis to all guests as they arrive.  Serve Hawaiian themed foods and beverages.  Don’t forget the limbo stick!

5.      Play active video games using gaming consoles such as Wii, Dance, Xbox Kinect, PlayStation, and Nintendo

These and many more activities can help keep your kids active, fit, and healthy throughout the winter season.  Stay safe and have fun!

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