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What to prepare for the arrival of a new baby

Moms-to-be have a lot on their minds as they prepare for the birth of their baby.  As they pregnant-womanconsider nursery colors, research pediatricians and shop for diapers and onesies, they should also add “finding the right babysitter” to their checklist.

Babysitters provide definite benefits over other childcare options.  Hiring a babysitter is convenient, as they provide in-home care for your child.  Babysitters can also assist with other tasks – which often seem overwhelming for new moms – including housework, laundry and meal preparation.

Many families also enjoy the health benefits of hiring a babysitter, as they don’t have to send their infants to daycare centers with other children – and all of their germs! 

New moms are often anxious about how to find the right babysitter for their family, and companies like Care4hire are a great resource for securing extraordinary babysitters.

While services like Care4Hire conduct careful background checks, it’s still important for parents to carefully interview each prospective babysitter to make sure that her philosophies align with their own.  How does the prospective babysitter feel about nutrition, schedules and discipline?  Is she interested in a long-term position?  You don’t want your baby to get attached to someone who will be going back to grad school, traveling or into the corporate world in a few months.

Make sure the babysitter has experience with newborns and is caring, patient and nurturing around your baby.  Be clear about whether you’re looking for full-time vs. part-time help, as well as any special requirements – such as first aid certification – that you require. 

Consider asking for gift certificates for Care4Hire as baby shower gifts, as these skilled professionals can help with childcare, as well as cleaning and errands, before and after Baby’s arrival.  And think of these gift certificates as ideal presents to give to friends and family at their baby showers, as well!

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