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What Do You Do with Your Kids When School Is Not in Session?

You work a full-time job.  Your three kids, all school-aged, have summer breaks, Christmas breaks, and various other weekdays off periodically throughout the year.  What do you do with your kids when they are not in school but you need to be at work?

  • You can ask a friend or family member to watch your kids. This can provide your kids with the opportunity to spend time with those they already know and love, but your friends and family members may come to feel taken advantage of if the requests for their time come too frequently for them.
  • You can engage in an exchange of babysitting services. In such a situation, you and a group of other parents take turns taking time off to watch the kids of the group. Each parent misses a reduced amount of work time, but they have a large group of kids to watch when it becomes their turn to take off work to watch the kids.
  • You can hire a part-time, sporadic babysitter to watch your kids. If you choose your babysitter well, your kids will have a consistent caregiver who is there for them during school breaks. Your kids will have one more wonderful person to know and love. Your friends and family members can watch your kids when they want, not when they feel obligated. You won’t have the messes and stresses associated with watching over the large groups of kids typically involved in an exchange of babysitting services. And all these benefits come at one price: the hourly wage of the babysitter.

We at Care4hire.com are here to help you hire the best babysitter for your family.  We can provide you with information about how to screen, interview, background check, hire, and employ a babysitter.  Information about negotiating wages and other terms and conditions of employment is included.  We want to be your one-stop resource for employing a babysitter.

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