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Stroller-Friendly Walks

You want to take your precious new bundle of joy for walks.  The fresh air is good for both of you, and you enjoy the exercise.  You’ve purchased a stroller; now you need to find stroller-friendly walks.  Here is what you should look for.

  • 1. Concrete paving that is smooth. Strollers do not roll easily across uneven terrain such as grassy or bricked surfaces, broken up concrete, etc. Smooth asphalt surfaces will be adequately stroller-friendly unless it is extremely hot outside: in high temperatures, asphalt becomes stroller-unfriendly due to its surface softening and becoming more malleable and transferrable.
  • 2. Concrete paving that is at least three feet wide and is not over-grown by vegetation.
  • 3. A path that offers a mix of sun and shade as well as benches for resting.
  • 4. A path located in an area that offers clean air, good lighting, and safety. Walking paths with known hazards such as dangerous wildlife and high crime should be avoided.

Walks are beneficial for both you and your baby.  By considering the factors above, you can choose the stroller-friendly walks that are best for you.

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