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Toys Safety Concerns

We at Care4hire.com think most parents are very safety-conscious.  Well-meaning family members, who may not be as keenly aware of the abilities and habits of the recipient children, sometimes shop for fun-looking or media-hyped toys without thinking about the age-appropriateness of the toy.  Most store-bought toys bear suggested age ranges on their packaging or labeling.  For example, a toy may say that it’s intended for use by children at least 3 years old.  However, if these toys look fun, brightly colored, etc., some people may be tempted to buy them for younger children.  Giving children gifts that are intended for older children can cause choking hazards (i.e., small parts that come off the toy, become ingested by the child, and get lodged in the child’s trachea); lacerations, skin punctures, and eye injuries (caused by sharp edges and pointed objects on the toy); bruises and other strike-related injuries from toys made of hard materials; strangulation (toys containing movable parts through which a young child can place his/her head and subsequently get stuck and strangled); and falling (toys that can trip or fail to support the weight of a child).

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