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Entertaining Toddlers

Entertaining toddlers can be a lot of work, but it can also be great fun for parents and toddlers alike.  Here are a few tips for creating outstanding entertaining ideas for your toddlers.

*Consider your goals.  Pure entertainment? Education and entertainment?  Development of fine motor skills and entertainment?  Do you want the entertainment to be an indoor or outdoor activity?  If the activity involves making a mess, is that acceptable to you, or is one of your goals maintaining tidiness throughout the entertainment?

*Consider your toddlers’ interests.  Toddlers tend to enjoy an active imagination and sensory stimulation (i.e., what they feel, taste, see, etc.).  Entertainment that engages toddlers’ imagination and senses will be a sure fire winner.

*Consider your toddlers’ activity levels.  Active toddlers will likely enjoy playing house or ball more than having you read a book to them.

*Consider your toddlers’ attention spans and your time available.  Avoid any forms of entertainment that exceed their attention spans and your time available.

*Consider events and circumstances that may be happening in your toddlers’ worlds.  For example, if you are expecting a new baby, it may be a great opportunity to play house with your kids, introduce a new dolly to the “family” of dollies, and open the discussion on what life will be like with the new baby in your home.

*Consider your resources.  Do you have museums, parks, arts centers, children’s theatres, libraries, amusement parks, or other community resources in your local?  Do you know moms with toddlers of their own with whom you can brainstorm or collaborate?  Do you have toys, books, board games, a sandbox, a swing set, dining room side chairs and blankets (to build a “fort”), pipe cleaners, warm glue guns, finger paints, construction paper, small paper cups, kids’ safety scissors, sidewalk chalk, crayons, coloring books, or other items in your home?  Do you have Internet access such that you can search social media sites such as Pinterest and YouTube for ideas?  (Note: by typing “entertaining toddlers”, “crafts for kids”, or other search topics into the search fields on Pinterest, YouTube, or other social media sites, you can see pictures, watch videos, and read text that will provide you with a host of creative ideas for entertaining toddlers.)

In sum, there are lots of options for entertaining toddlers.  By considering the items above, you can plan and carry out entertainment that is just right for you and your toddlers.

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