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Helping Your Toddler with Decision-Making Skills

High functioning adults make good decisions.  Everyone knows this, right?  Ok, then how can you help your toddler with decision-making skills?

  • Speak with your toddler about the flow of logic you use when you make decisions.  For example, “I would really love to buy that sweater, but it’s really expensive, and I think I’d be wise to save the money instead.  After all, I already have a bunch of sweaters, so while I WANT another one, I don’t NEED another one . . . and we need to save money since we would like to retire comfortably in about 30 years, and we need to be saving now for that time.”
  • Allow your toddler to make age-appropriate decisions for him-/herself.  Ask him/her questions to help him form his decisions.  For example, if your toddler is to choose between going to the park and the swimming pool, you may ask the following questions.  “Would you rather go to the park or the swimming pool this afternoon?  We need to be home by 4:00 p.m. so that I can start dinner on time, so do you think that time fits the park or the swimming pool better . . . or about the same?  Is it warm (or cool) enough to play in the park or swimming pool?  Where are your friends likely to be hanging out today?  Do you want to hang out with them?
  • Provide your toddler with feedback after the decision is made.  For example, you may say, “You had a great time at the swimming pool today, and we made it home in time for me to start supper.  You made a great decision today!” In the alternative, you may say, “We really had to push to get home by 4:00 p.m. today, didn’t we?  I guess with the time for changing into your swimsuit, showering at the pool, and stuff, it may have been a better fit for time to have gone to the park, huh?  Well, that’s ok; we’ll know about that next time, won’t we?”
  • Have patience.  Decision-making skills are learned gradually over time and are typically learned via trial and error.

By following the tips above, you can help your toddler develop good decision-making skills.

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