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To Text or Not To Text: Should your Sitter Be Texting While On the Clock?

In today’s tech-obsessed society, everyone’s constantly accessible, calling and texting from their cell phones from wherever they are.  But what if it’s your babysitter that’s texting (or making calls from her cell phone) while watching your kids?  Are you OK with that?

Many parents are divided on the issue.  Some think it’s an outrage – if you’re paying a babysitter to work, they should be watching your kids – not watching for the next incoming text message.

And other parents think it’s no big deal, especially if the kids are napping or otherwise engaged in an activity.

 Consider the following:

  • If your sitter is sending an occasional text (such as making plans to meet a friend after work) or maintaining a constant stream of e-chatter all day long?
  • Is she so involved in her iPhone that she’s not keeping an eye on – or playing with – your children?
  • Is she texting while she’s at home with the kids, keeping an eye on them while they’re playing in a childproofed room?  Or is she distracted while at the park, where they could fall off the jungle gym or wander off towards the street?
  • Is she great in every other way?  Or is this just one more complaint on your list?

 If the answers to these questions bother you, perhaps it’s time to rethink your childcare options.

 What’s your opinion in the texting debate?

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