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Would You Hire a Teen Babysitter?

When you think of the traits that you seek in a caregiver for your children, you may create a list of adjectives like responsible, mature, dependable, and level-headed.  These are terms not typically associated with teens.  Does that mean you should not hire a teen babysitter?  The answer is that it depends.  Read on for more information.

First, let’s acknowledge that not all teens fit the stereotype.  There are likely many responsible, mature, dependable, and level-headed teens in your family or neighborhood or who are children of your friends.  However, teens, being still children themselves, do have some limitations.

Do any of your children have special needs?  If so, these needs may be beyond the scope of a teen’s abilities.

Do you intend to be gone overnight or for an extended period?  If so, a teen babysitter may not be appropriate for your circumstance.

Do you have children who are old enough that they arguably no longer need a babysitter?  If so, then there may be such a narrow age gap between them and their babysitter that the babysitter may have difficulty asserting her authority over them.

Those limitations having been stated, there are also advantages to hiring a teen babysitter.

Teen babysitters are typically less expensive than more experienced babysitters.

Teen babysitters (as compared to more experienced babysitters) may be more energetic, willing to engage in child’s play with your children, and be more familiar with the culture and interests of children.

Teen babysitters (as compared to more experienced babysitters) may be better received by your children as your children may more closely identify with the teens.  Similarly, teen babysitters may relate to or identify with your children better than more experienced babysitters can due to the increased age gap.

Teen babysitters may be better equipped to help your children with their homework, inasmuch as the teens have likely taken the same classes more recently than a more experienced babysitter has.

In sum, hiring a teen babysitter is not right for all families, but teen babysitters can be wonderful caregivers when they are situationally appropriate.

1 comment to Would You Hire a Teen Babysitter?

  • It’s true that not all teens fit the teenage/immature stereotype. It’s up to the parent to determine if the teen has enough experience and would be a good fit for the child. If you need a babysitter who can handle a child with special needs then you may have to look for one with more experience than your average teen however.

    In today’s modern world, we have access to many digital databases with many babysitters of all age ranges and levels of experience. A parent might want to consider looking online for a good babysitter if they cannot find one in their circle of friends and family.

    Marie C.

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