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Mom Style Cabin Fever

It’s -20*F outside, with 45 mph wind gusts and 12” of snow on the ground (and more is still falling).  Schools are closed, your family is house-bound, and your active kids are bouncing off the walls.  By day three of this, you have cabin fever.  What exactly is cabin fever and what can you do […]

Keeping Your Kids Active in Winter

Yours is an active family.  You love the great outdoors and enjoy the many fun summer activities that can be enjoyed in the warmth of that season . . . but what do you do when it’s wintertime and ch-ch-ch-chilly outside? Outside Activities (Note:  Ensure that your family is dressed in layers of warm clothing, […]

Fun Winter Activities for Kids

It’s cold and snowy outside.  Your kids are restless from being housebound.  Here are some fun winter activities to keep your kids occupied. Outdoor 1.      Make snow men, snow angels, snow forts/castles, snow tunnels, snow slides, etc. 2.      Play tug of war in the snow 3.      Have a snowball fight 4.      Fill spray bottles with […]