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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

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Adopting a Pet Before Having Children

You and your spouse would like to be parents some day.  You two have lots of love to give, and you do not want to wait . . . to do without some little one (or not so little one) to love, cuddle, nurture, and protect.  So, you are considering adopting a dog or cat.  […]

Caregivers Job Seeking While Employed Full-Time

Being a caregiver can be a 24/7 responsibility.  When a caregiver knows his/her job is ending (the youngest child is old enough not to need a nanny anymore or the elderly employer is being placed in a skilled care facility, for example), or when the caregiver otherwise decides it’s time to seek a new job, […]

Paternity Leave

In the United States, many new fathers do not take paternity leave upon the births of their children.  The federal Family and Medical Leave Act allows fathers to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid paternity leave, subject to certain qualifications, but how many fathers can afford 12 weeks of unpaid leave?  In much of […]

How to Help Your Kids Overcome Fear of Pets

Your kids are afraid of dogs or cats (or both).  You want your kids to be comfortable with dogs and cats because pets are omnipresent in our world.  Here are a few tips to help your kids overcome their fear of pets. Determine the cause of the fear.  Did your kids have a bad experience […]

Creating a Budget When You’re Expecting a Baby

So, you’re expecting your first child!  Congratulations!  While planning what items will you need to purchase and what, if anything, will need to change in your home to prepare for your new baby, you may start to worry about your finances.  (Most new families, regardless of their level of financial comfort, experience some degree of […]

Divorced Parents: How to Co-Parent Peacefully

You are divorced.  Your divorce was, as most divorces are, unpleasant at best.  However, your two children should not feel stuck in the middle between you and your former spouse.  Your job as a parent, now and always, is to ensure that you are guiding your children toward a happy, healthy, productive adulthood; emotionally scarring […]

The Psychology of First-Born Children

Birth order psychology has been a recognized field of study for decades.  While many variables can affect human psychological development, birth order psychology suggests that first-born children are more likely than their younger siblings to be: Left-brained (more logical, less creative in thought processes) Organized Responsible for themselves and others (and to value being right […]

The Terrible Tweens

Your kids are approaching their teen years.  They’re “tweens” . . . not yet teens, but no longer little ones, either.  These in-between years can be difficult transition years (physically, emotionally, and cognitively) for kids.  Some of the transition issues can be anticipated and (at least somewhat) prepared for, such as breast development, mood swings, […]

Father’s Day with Dad and Step-Dad

You are blessed to have TWO great father figures in your life:  your dad and your step-dad.  You would like to spend time with both men on Father’s Day, but you do not want either to feel hurt by or resentful of the time you spend with the other.  What can you do? If both […]