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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

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Encouraging Twins to Have Their Own Personalities and Interests

To encourage twins to have their own personalities and interests, parents can do the following: Give them names that are dissimilar.  Paired names such as Sandy and Cindy do not encourage individuation. Refer to the twins as two kids rather than one set of twins.  This sounds like a fine point distinction, but the subtle […]

Kids’ Pet Care Responsibilities

As parents, there are some things we just know.  For example, Johnny may REALLY want that puppy; he emphatically promises that he’ll feed, water, and walk the puppy every day; but, six months from now, WE will be feeding, watering, and walking that puppy.  Once the initial rush of excitement passes for Johnny, he will […]

Explaining Daddy’s Death to a Toddler

Your husband just passed away.  You’re grief-stricken and overwhelmed by all that needs to be done.  One of the most important and far-reaching tasks you will handle at this time is explaining Daddy’s death to your child (a toddler).  Given the significance of this conversation (or, more likely, these conversations), you should approach the conversation(s) […]

Common Resume Mistakes

Resume mistakes are made by even the best of us, no matter what the education and proficiency of the job seeker may be.  Listed below are some of the most common resume mistakes made by caregivers (nannies, babysitters, senior caregivers, etc.). Inattention to detail.  This includes typographical errors, punctuation problems, grammatical errors, etc.  It is […]

Caregivers Job Seeking While Employed Full-Time

Being a caregiver can be a 24/7 responsibility.  When a caregiver knows his/her job is ending (the youngest child is old enough not to need a nanny anymore or the elderly employer is being placed in a skilled care facility, for example), or when the caregiver otherwise decides it’s time to seek a new job, […]

How to Tell Your Kids You are Downsizing your House

Sit down with your kids and tell them as a family about the downsizing.  Speak openly with your kids about your downsizing, why it’s happening, and how it will affect them.  For example, you may say, “When we bought this house, we were raising five kids.  Now, three of you are in college.  We don’t […]

Helping Your Kids Understand Healthy Loving Relationships

You want your kids to grow up to have healthy, loving relationships with the spouses they will choose when they become adults and the children that may bless their unions.  Here are a few tips to help you accomplish this object. *Model the behaviors that you want your kids to exhibit.  Kids learn by example.  […]

Divorced Parents: How to Co-Parent Peacefully

You are divorced.  Your divorce was, as most divorces are, unpleasant at best.  However, your two children should not feel stuck in the middle between you and your former spouse.  Your job as a parent, now and always, is to ensure that you are guiding your children toward a happy, healthy, productive adulthood; emotionally scarring […]

The Psychology of First-Born Children

Birth order psychology has been a recognized field of study for decades.  While many variables can affect human psychological development, birth order psychology suggests that first-born children are more likely than their younger siblings to be: Left-brained (more logical, less creative in thought processes) Organized Responsible for themselves and others (and to value being right […]

Father’s Day with Dad and Step-Dad

You are blessed to have TWO great father figures in your life:  your dad and your step-dad.  You would like to spend time with both men on Father’s Day, but you do not want either to feel hurt by or resentful of the time you spend with the other.  What can you do? If both […]