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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

The advice in this book comes from Candi Wingate, President of Care4hire.com.
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I Double-Dog Dare You!

Kids ages five to 12 are ripe for “daring”.  You know, one kid says to the other, “I dare you to ____.”  The other kid then seems honor-bound to rise to the challenge.  Why do kids do this?!  What can we, as parents, do to protect our kids from the hazards of “daring”. Why do […]

Bolstering Your Child’s Self Esteem

Most blogs on bolstering your child’s self-esteem focus on praising your child frequently and with specificity; redirecting (not criticizing) your child’s behavior only when truly warranted and only in a calm, constructive manner; frequently speaking about and consistently living your values (including that people are inherently valuable, regardless of their gender, race, weight, etc.);  leading […]