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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

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Pets, Parties, and Inclusion as Family Members

You and your shih tzu Sammie are the best of friends.   In fact, you call Sammie your baby boy and you reference yourself as his mother*.  Sammie is always excited to welcome you home at the end of each work day.  He goes on runs with you, snuggles you while you watch TV, and cheers […]

Preparing Your Pet for Your Family Relocation

You are moving.  That requires extensive planning regarding the sale of your existing home and subsequent purchase of a home in your new community; disconnecting and connecting utilities at the homes; the packing, transporting, and unpacking of your household inventory; and helping your family members prepare for and adjust to the change.  It isn’t just […]

Dog Bites

Most dogs are loving, gentle dogs.  However, accidents happen sometimes.  If your toddler has just gotten bitten by the neighbor’s dog, what should you do? If the wound is minor, thoroughly was the affected area with soap and water.  Then, apply a topical antibiotic cream and a bandage. If the would is minor but bleeding […]

Becoming a Better Pet Parent

For many of us, our pets are people.  We love them and count them among our children.  Like all good parents, we strive to be better parents with each passing year.  What steps can we take to be better parents to our four-legged children? 1.      Observe your pets’ actions, facial expressions, body language, and vocal […]

Babies and Pets

Babies and pets: do they go together?  If so, what circumstances create the best match between babies and pets? Babies and pets can be a great pairing.  However, babies and pets can be a disastrous pairing as well.  It thus becomes essential to choose pets that are well suited for life with small children.  Let’s […]

Your Pet and Your Significant Other

You have one child, a six-year-old Golden Retriever named Sally.  You’ve had Sally since she was eight weeks old, and she means the world to you.  What can you expect when you introduce a new significant other, Shawn, to your life?  How Sally and Shawn feel about sharing time with you will play a large […]

Keeping Indoor Kitty Active

Indoor kitties can become overweight and under-exercised unless their humans devote time and attention to the physical and cognitive needs of their kitties.  What follows are 6 tips on how to help indoor kitties stay active. Spend at least a half hour daily attending to your kitty.  Brush her, cuddle her, pet her, and stimulate […]

Preparing to Adopt a Kitten

You are about to adopt a precious little bundle of love.  A precious furry little bundle of love, that is.  How can you prepare your home for the newest member of your family? Walk through your house and assess and minimize the hazards. Kittens can (and will) get into everything. They will jump on forbidden […]

Military Families and Their Pets

Military families are a special breed of cat.  And, speaking of cats, military families can face unique challenges when traveling or relocating with their Felix (or Fido) if you decide not to hire a pet sitter.  For those of you who face these challenges, we have a few tips for you to make your life […]

When Your Beloved Pet Dies, How Do You Tell Your Kids?

For many of us, our pets are part of our family.  Loss of a treasured family member, the family pet, is profoundly heart-breaking.  And explaining the death to your kids can be quite difficult as well.  Death is a complex subject to process intellectually . . . add a deep layer of grief on top […]