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Unwanted Parenting Advice

We’ve all been there.  You’re at the park with your kids when another parent comes up and says, “You know, you really should supervise your kids more closely.”  Or how about when your mother-in-law says, “You are spoiling your kids.  Kids don’t need all this stuff.  Stop buying them so many toys and make them […]

“Where Do Babies Come from, Mommy?”

Your four or five year old child has just asked you this question.  Or maybe s/he doesn’t ask, but you have reason to believe that the question has crossed his/her mind nonetheless.  What’s your best response? If your child is asking you this question, then your best response, at least initially, is to give a […]

The Over-Protective Parent

Over-protective parents.  What does that term really mean?  Society is changing, and the “norm” for parents is changing too.  Below, I will touch on these and other elements of the label of “over-protective parent”. When I was young, forty years ago, many cars did not have seat belts at all.  We would go for car […]

My Child Did Not Get Invited

As a parent, nanny, or babysitter, your heart aches when a child’s heart breaks.  In this blog, we will consider one particular heartbreaking experience and how it can be handled.  Consider this: your child’s classmates are all invited to a party hosted by one of the children in the class.  However, your child did not […]

Parents Who Disagree on Discipline

Mom uses time-outs when the kids’ behaviors aren’t appropriate.  Dad is amused by his kids’ antics and wants to “let kids be kids”.  How do these parents compromise?  How does it affect their kids if they don’t? Inconsistent parenting is a challenge in most families.  One parent is stricter; one parent is more lenient.  Initially, […]