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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

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Second Children… Are They More Mellow than First-Borns?

Are second-born children more mellow than first-borns?  The answer is that it depends on multiple variables.  Read on for more information. If “mellow” is defined as lacking in energy and being sedentary, then second-born children, anecdotally, do not seem to be significantly more or less mellow relative to their first-born siblings.  Second-born children may be […]

The Not-So-Happy Mom

Your best friend is telling you a funny story of her toddler’s latest antics.  Your children are older and seem to be mostly past their funny antics phase.  That’s ok, because there are lots of other great moments ahead for you and your kids . . . learning to drive, first dates, college prep, etc.  […]