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The Downside of Too Many Toys

We live in a culture of abundance.  Ours is a mercantile society, where all manner of goods and services are for sale or rent from as near as your computer or local store.  It’s little surprise, then, when our kids have more toys than they can reasonably play with.  Are they advantaged or disadvantaged by […]

How to Get Kids Talking ~ How to Be the Cool Mom

You want your kids to feel free to speak with you about anything that crosses their minds.  You want them to perceive you as “cool” enough to handle well whatever they are thinking and feeling.  What can you do to encourage your kids to speak freely with you, even about difficult topics, and to rest […]

A Tribute to Grandparents

My kids’ grandparents are a blessing.  When my husband and I have a date night, or when our schedules just don’t mesh quite right, Grandpa and Grandma come to the rescue!  The swoop in, surrogate parents that they are, and my kids barely miss a beat.  Grandparents know the lay of the land at our […]

Parents Who Decide Not to Have Any More Kids

What do parents consider when deciding whether or not they should have any more kids?  Many factors are considered, some of which are unique to the family involved, but the most common considerations for whether or not to have any more kids are as follows. * emotions-do the parents miss the sounds, smells, and feel […]

Raising Compassionate Kids

We all want to raise kids who care about others, who exhibit compassion and empathy for others and work to help those in need.  Not only is compassion a desired trait for developing a quality character, our future as a society is dependent on our ability as people to pull together an act in the […]

Do You Make Your Kids Work for Their Allowance?

Your kids get an allowance every week.  Do you make them work to earn their allowance?  What are the advantages of creating “jobs” (chores) for your kids in exchange for earning their allowance? 1. Your kids will learn the value of a dollar. It’s easy for kids (and adults) to go through money like crazy […]

Creative Activities to Do with Young Children

You have three young children in your care.  You want to keep them busy and teach them the joy of learning.  What fun and educational activities can you, as their babysitter, create for the children? Sing songs. Children learn from lyrics. The alphabet song is a good example of learning through song. And since children […]

Does your Child Need a Nap?

Naps are great.  Heck, as an adult, wouldn’t you just love to take a nap some days?  But kids need to be weaned off napping as they mature.  It’s a tricky task, weaning little ones off daily naps.  When is it time to do it?  How do you do it?  What happens if you try […]

Cooking for Picky Kids

Your kids are picky eaters.  How do you get them to try something new?  Or just eat their veggies? 1. Allow your kids to help plan the menus. If they have voice in their meals, they are more likely to accept those meals. 2. Have your kids help you prepare the meals. Let your kids […]