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Keeping Pets Safe in Summer Heat

Just like humans, pets can suffer from heat stroke . . . and, like humans, pets can die from summer heat.  What can we do to protect our four-legged loved ones at this time of year? 1. Keep your pets indoors as much as possible. If your pets need outdoor access, limit that access during […]

Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Summer

Summer is upon us, and with it comes beautiful sun and the occasional scorching temperature, rain, hail, tornados, hurricanes, and a host of other hazards.  Outdoor pets can be particularly vulnerable to these hazards.  Here are a few tips for minimizing your pet’s vulnerability. 1. Ensure that your pet receives regular veterinary check ups. Ill […]

Keeping Pets Safe During the Holidays

You have a beloved family member who just happens to have four legs rather than two.  You want to keep him/her safe during the holidays.  Here are some tips to accomplish that. *Keep people food out of reach.  (Some people food is hazardous to your fuzzy family member’s health.  Such food includes chocolate, onions, chives, […]