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8 Fun Games to Help Your Children with Their Homework

Your children routinely seek your help with their homework.  You want to help your children in any way you can.  Traditionally, parents have turned to tried and true methods such as flash cards, but children can quickly tire of direct instructional techniques, as these are often seen by children as “boring”.  In situations such as […]

Homework Scheduling

Kids seem to have homework every night, no matter what grade they are in.  As parents, we want our kids to learn and grow, but there are so many interests and activities that fill our kids’ evenings.  What homework schedule maximizes study time efficiency and productivity for kids of all ages? Homework should generally be […]

Homework: Advantages and Disadvantages

Children have had homework since formal education began.  Why, then, has it come under such scrutiny lately and what is the unbiased perspective on homework? Why has homework come under such scrutiny lately? Our culture’s evolving expectations for childhood and the increased amount of homework being assigned are the primary reasons for the increased scrutiny […]

Homework and Holidays

Your kids are home for the holidays.  School’s out: homework may be out of sight, but you don’t want it to be out of mind.  What can you do to help your kids keep their academics fresh in their minds so that they hit the ground running when they return to school in January? 1. […]

When You Disagree with Your Child’s Teacher

Parents and teachers can’t agree 100% of the time.  Whether parents and teachers experience differences over teaching methods, a specific grade on a test or homework, or some other element of the educational experience, parents have tough decisions to make about how to handle those differences.  What follows are some tips on how to handle […]

When Does Helping Your Child with Homework Become More Your Work Than His?

As a parent, you want to help your kid succeed and protect him from failures.  What should you do when your kid’s struggling with his homework?  Should you let him struggle?  Should you let him submit homework that you know is riddled with errors?  Where’s the dividing line between helping him with his homework and […]