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Discipline and ADHD

Parents with children with ADHD may struggle with reigning in the behaviors of their children.  What is the best way to discipline ADHD children? 1. Ensure that you have created an environment that is suitable for the change you seek. (For example, if you want your child to sit still and do his homework, you […]

Parents Who Disagree on Discipline

Mom uses time-outs when the kids’ behaviors aren’t appropriate.  Dad is amused by his kids’ antics and wants to “let kids be kids”.  How do these parents compromise?  How does it affect their kids if they don’t? Inconsistent parenting is a challenge in most families.  One parent is stricter; one parent is more lenient.  Initially, […]

At What Age Are Time-outs Effective?

Time-outs, the practice of putting children in mandatory quiet times to settle down and/or contemplate errors they have made, are a common parenting technique.  Time-outs should be timed to be consistent with the age of the child in time-out.  For example, a two-year old should have a two-minute time-out, a seven-year-old should have a seven-minute […]

To Spank or Not to Spank: That is the Question

Most of us who are age 40 and older grew up in homes where spanking was a normal consequence for a child’s poorly chosen behavior.  Then, popular opinion shifted, and spanking became viewed as a form of child abuse.  Now, there’s a new spanking study out that shows that children who get spanked grow up […]

How to Discipline Your Child Appropriately and Effectively

What constitutes appropriate discipline?  When should you administer discipline?  While there is no one right answer to fit every family and every circumstance, there are some general guidelines that are recommended. First, let’s cover why a parent disciplines his/her child.  The immediate purposes of discipline are usually twofold:  to help a child learn what behaviors […]