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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

The advice in this book comes from Candi Wingate, President of Care4hire.com.
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10 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who’s Lost a Pet

For some people, losing a pet is like losing a beloved member of the family.  These people grieve deeply and are hurt when others don’t understand the depth of their grief.  If someone you know is grieving the loss of a four-legged loved one, please avoid the following 10 statements that, while well intentioned, may […]

When Your Beloved Pet Dies, How Do You Tell Your Kids?

For many of us, our pets are part of our family.  Loss of a treasured family member, the family pet, is profoundly heart-breaking.  And explaining the death to your kids can be quite difficult as well.  Death is a complex subject to process intellectually . . . add a deep layer of grief on top […]