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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

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Benefits of Paternity Leave

In Western culture, the benefits of maternity leave are well established.  Both medically and psychologically, the new mother needs time away from work to rest and recuperate.  Her body has just gone through (and is still going through) major events.  Her life is changing; she is trying to adapt, to cope.  Her self-image may be […]

Hiring a Childcare Provider Who Can Tutor Your Child

You are seeking a childcare provider . . . and not just any childcare provider.  You want a childcare provider who has the knowledge and skills to tutor your child as well as babysit or nanny for him on a daily basis.  Here are some tips to help you find that perfect tutor/childcare provider. Q: […]

Why Hire a Babysitter?

You are a first-time parent.  Why should you hire a babysitter for your new little bundle of joy? 1.      So you and your spouse or partner can have a date night periodically.  These date nights keep the spark going in your relationship when breast pumps, dirty diapers, and regurgitated milk would otherwise diminish the spark. […]

Ho Ho Ho-ly Cow! Where Am I Going to Find A Babysitter at This Time of Year?!

The holiday season is hectic at best.  Your usually busy schedule becomes almost unmanageable when you add the spate of personal and professional holiday parties, all the holiday shopping (most of which has to be done when you’re not with your kids so they don’t have a preview of their Christmas gifts), and the myriad […]

Parents Who Decide Not to Have Any More Kids

What do parents consider when deciding whether or not they should have any more kids?  Many factors are considered, some of which are unique to the family involved, but the most common considerations for whether or not to have any more kids are as follows. * emotions-do the parents miss the sounds, smells, and feel […]

Cooking for Picky Kids

Your kids are picky eaters.  How do you get them to try something new?  Or just eat their veggies? 1. Allow your kids to help plan the menus. If they have voice in their meals, they are more likely to accept those meals. 2. Have your kids help you prepare the meals. Let your kids […]

Busy Moms Strive to Have Perfect Balance

Busy moms have a lot in common with circus performers.  We have to juggle many balls in the air – and we worry that it’s all going to come crashing down at any moment!  Additionally, we strive to perfect our balancing act, some days feeling more surefooted than others.  Add some crying babies, toddlers melting […]

Grooming Tips for Kids

You’ve tried to get your kids to wash their hands thoroughly, brush their teeth well after each meal and at bedtime, and keep their hair brushed and reasonably tidy.  However, it’s just not a priority for your kids.  What can you do? In order for hands to be washed thoroughly, they must be washed with […]

Do You Help your Child Too Much?

Helicopter parents.  It’s a term that references parents who hover over their kids, knee-deep in everything their kids do.  Helicopter parents, while well-intentioned, end up creating a sense of dependence in their kids.  Kids of helicopter parents feel it’s necessary to get their parents’ blessing or feedback on almost everything that the kids do.  As […]

The Perfectionist Child

Your child is a perfectionist.  For example, in learning to print the alphabet, she erases and re-writes every letter that is not perfectly written.  She proceeds to feel bad about herself for her failure to write her alphabet perfectly.  She experiences this as a personal failure. You are pleased to see your child’s desire to […]