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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

The advice in this book comes from Candi Wingate, President of Care4hire.com.
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Preparing for a Caregiver Interview

You are a caregiver (nanny, babysitter, or senior caregiver), and you are job-seeking.  You need to be prepared for interviews so that you can ensure that the job you accept is a good fit for you.  Here are five topics you need to think about and prepare informed questions on in advance of interviewing. What […]

Writing a Letter of Recommendation for Your Nanny, Pet Sitter, or Other Caregiver

You employ (or have employed) a nanny, pet sitter, or other caregiver and have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for him/her.  What should you write?  What should you NOT write?  Here are some tips for writing the requested letter of recommendation. What should you write? Think about the skills, behaviors, and traits […]

How Stress Can Affect Caregivers

Work as a caregiver of any variety (i.e., nanny, elder caregiver, etc.) can be stressful.  A certain amount of stress is normal, and some stress can even be helpful (inasmuch as it can help you get things accomplished or spur you on to activity).  However, excessive or prolonged stress can be destructive.  Here are a […]

Getting Your Kids on a Schedule

Your two kids, a newborn and a toddler, desperately need a schedule.  You, your spouse, and your two kids have widely diverse wake and sleep cycles that increase your daily stress, make your kids (and you) a little crabby, and leave you sleep-deprived.  How do you get your kids on a schedule? The structure that […]

Monster Jam Ticket Giveaway – Council Bluffs, IA

Experience Monster Jam in Council Bluffs, IA  on Friday, January 7th, 2011 at 7:30pm.    Care4hire.com has teamed up with Feld Entertainment and is offering 1-family 4-pack of tickets to the show.  If you would be interested in winning these tickets, please leave your comments expressing interest in the show and 1 winner will be chosen […]

When Your Kids Lie

As much as we don’t want to admit it, people (adults and kids) stretch the truth, tell “white lies”, or tell great big whopper lies.  As parents, we need to know what causes our kids to lie and how we can best respond to our kids when they tell lies. Kids don’t need to learn […]

Boredom Busters

You hear it from your kids a lot.  “I’m bored!”  You flash back to your own childhood: you didn’t say that regularly like your kids do.  What’s going on here?  What do you do about it? As our culture evolves, we are re-orienting to 24/7 activity.  When you were a child, stores probably closed each […]

Is Your Babysitter a Positive Caregiver?

You want your babysitter to be a positive caregiver for your children.  What behaviors should you be looking for?  Does your babysitter: smile easily? laugh easily? exhibit good eye contact? speak using a variety of pitches or tones? discuss the silver lining in each cloud? discuss the future with anticipation and excitement? give praise or […]

What Do You Do with Your Kids When School Is Not in Session?

You work a full-time job.  Your three kids, all school-aged, have summer breaks, Christmas breaks, and various other weekdays off periodically throughout the year.  What do you do with your kids when they are not in school but you need to be at work? You can ask a friend or family member to watch your […]

Win Tickets to Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show ~ Omaha, Nebraska

Care4hire.com has teamed up with Feld Entertainment and is giving away 1 family 4-pack of tickets to the 12pm production of Disney Live!  Rockin! Road Show! in Omaha, Nebraska at the Civic Auditorium on October 23, 2010.   Hit the road with Mickey Mouse and your favorite Disney friends for a hilarious talent search in the new Disney Live!  Rocking’ […]