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Baby Talk

Dr. Anne Fernauld, a psychology professor from Stanford University, has been studying the language acquisition skills of babies, toddlers, and early elementary-aged children.  Her studies have generated some interesting findings, among them, that parents baby-talking to their infants is contraindicated for child language development.  Dr. Fernauld makes the following recommendations to parents of infants and […]

Fun Family Movie Nights

We often hear about how, with everyone’s hectic schedules, families don’t enjoy much together-time anymore.  Movie nights, in which families gather ‘round the television to watch a DVD/Blu-ray movie, are ways families can have fun together-time on a budget.  Here are some ways to maximize the family fun to be had on movie nights. Choose […]

Educational and Entertainment Opportunities When Hiking with Kids

You are taking the kids on a hike through a beautiful nature trail.  What a great opportunity for fun, exercise, and even learning!  Here are a few tips for making the most of your hiking trip with your kids. *Prior to your hike, read books about nature (the flora, fauna, and geological formations of the […]

Being A Mom Is A Big Job

Being a mom is a big job.  Shaping and guiding a person . . . from scratch . . . is so comprehensive a task as to be daunting if one really thinks about all that’s involved.  Many moms struggle with feeling up to the task. Many a mom has wondered, “Am I good enough?  […]

Entertaining Toddlers

Entertaining toddlers can be a lot of work, but it can also be great fun for parents and toddlers alike.  Here are a few tips for creating outstanding entertaining ideas for your toddlers. *Consider your goals.  Pure entertainment? Education and entertainment?  Development of fine motor skills and entertainment?  Do you want the entertainment to be […]

Organized Religion and Child Development

Organized religion affects child development in myriad ways.  How the specific religion affects the specific child is based on the specifics of the religion, the child’s personality, and the child’s experience of that religion.  Nonetheless, some generalizations can be made. A child’s participation in organized religion teaches the child the rules and values of his/her […]

The Benefits of Physical Demonstrations of Affection Between Parent and Child

Hugs, pats on the back, tousling a head: these and other physical demonstrations of affection between parent and child convey love, acceptance, praise, consolation, and more.  There are other, equally important benefits of these physical demonstrations of affection as well. If the child is a newborn, physical affection from his/her parent plays a role in […]

Kids Who Brag

Have you heard your elementary-aged son or daughter say, “I’m the smartest kid in my class!”  Or how about, “I’m the strongest boy EVER”?  It may be funny and cute to you, at least at this age, but it can cause relationship problems for your kids now and especially when they get older.  Here are […]

Helping Your Kids Deal with Peer Pressure

School-aged kids of all ages experience peer pressure.  Wise parents start addressing this issue before it begins, and they reinforce and adapt their techniques as the kids’ ages and circumstances change.  Here are some tips to help your kids deal with peer pressure. Proactive Steps (before peer pressure begins) Kids’ ability to handle peer pressure […]

The Value of Kids’ Relationships with Prior Generations

Most kids have relationships with people from a variety of generations.  They have friends, neighbors, siblings, and cousins in their own generation.  From the prior generation, they have relationships with parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, teachers, and parents of friends.  From two generations removed, they have relationships with grandparents, neighbors, teachers, and grandparents of friends.  What […]