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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

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Entertaining Toddlers

Entertaining toddlers can be a lot of work, but it can also be great fun for parents and toddlers alike.  Here are a few tips for creating outstanding entertaining ideas for your toddlers. *Consider your goals.  Pure entertainment? Education and entertainment?  Development of fine motor skills and entertainment?  Do you want the entertainment to be […]

Kids Who Brag

Have you heard your elementary-aged son or daughter say, “I’m the smartest kid in my class!”  Or how about, “I’m the strongest boy EVER”?  It may be funny and cute to you, at least at this age, but it can cause relationship problems for your kids now and especially when they get older.  Here are […]

Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Have Positive Player/Coach Relationships

In order for kids to get the most out of their athletic experiences, they should have positive relationships with their coaches.  Here are a few tips to achieve that goal.  (Note:  these tips are for parents themselves and for parents to instill in their kids as well.) Introduce themselves and their kids to their new […]

Teaching Your Kids about Other Faiths During the Holiday Season

We live in an increasingly globally-oriented world.  Automobiles, airplanes, telephones, the Internet, and more have made possible e-commerce, the global marketplace, telecommuting transnationally, expatriate workers, and the frequent migration of people from one country to another to pursue living and working options.  People who are globally-orientated, culturally adaptable, and multilingual tend to be in greater […]

Supporting Your Kids’ Preschool Curriculum at Home

You want to support and encourage your kids’ education.  How can you support your preschoolers’ curriculum at home? Obtain a copy of the syllabus used by your kids’ teachers. If textbooks are used, ask for copies of those as well. Read these materials and speak with your kids’ teachers about how you can support the […]

10 Signs of a Great Babysitter

How do you know if your family babysitter is great?  Below are the top 10 signs that your babysitter is outstanding. 1.      Your children feel a strong emotional bond with her.  They eagerly anticipate her visits.  They are happy and well rested the next morning.  They ask to see or call her when she is […]

How Stress Can Affect Caregivers

Work as a caregiver of any variety (i.e., nanny, elder caregiver, etc.) can be stressful.  A certain amount of stress is normal, and some stress can even be helpful (inasmuch as it can help you get things accomplished or spur you on to activity).  However, excessive or prolonged stress can be destructive.  Here are a […]

Creative Ideas for Kids’ After-School Activities

Your kids get out of school about 3:00 p.m. and are b-o-r-e-d until dinnertime.  What can you and your kids do together to fill that time with activities that are entertaining and/or educational? 1.      Volunteer your family time at a local non-profit organization such as an animal shelter.  Teach your kids the value of performing […]

How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Your child will attend preschool this autumn.  You want to prepare him so that the transition into preschool is as easy as possible for him.  Here are some tips to accomplish that goal. 1.      Let your child know what to expect.  Speak with him about preschool:  what it is, where it is, what people he […]

Babysitters Helping with Homework

You babysit a family of two kids every afternoon from the time the kids get out of school to the time the parents get home from work.  Among your responsibilities as a babysitter, you are to help the kids with their homework.  Here are a few tips to help you accomplish that task. Speak with […]