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Why does my toddler pull her hair out while sleeping?

Your toddler may seek the sensation (touch) of holding onto or pulling something firmly. Your toddler may be pulling out her hair as a self-comforting behavior.  Perhaps she is overly tired, has stress or anxiety, etc.  (Toddler stressors include teething, bringing home a new sibling, conflict within the family, and divorce.) Either way, your first […]

Sleep Schedules and Going Back to School

During the school year, your kids have a regular bedtime.  After all, many scientific studies have shown that the quality and quantity of sleep directly affects cognitive functioning.  In other words, short nights of sleep and/or poor quality of sleep can make a person less able to process information well.  Since you want your kids […]

Babysitters: How to Put Kids to Bed with Minimum Fuss

As babysitters, we know that some kids go to bed easily.  They do what you ask them to do in a timely and compliant manner.  Oh, but then there are those kids who beg for five more minutes of play time or drag out the bedtime ritual . . . and the kids who lay […]

Tips on Getting Kids to Bed (And Keeping Them in Bed)

Bedtime can be a nightly battle of wills.  You want your kids to go to bed on a schedule so that they aren’t cranky the next day.  Your kids want to stay up late.  What can you do to peacefully get your kids to go to bed at their scheduled bedtime?  And what can you […]