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The Joys of Q & A with Kids

“Kids say the darnedest things.” ~Art Linkletter

Yep, that sounds about right.  Here are some of the toughies (along with their parental responses).

Child:  Why does Sam have two moms?

Parent:  Because both of Sam’s parents happen to be female.  Some people think that the word “parents” mean one mom and one dad.  However, we think that any child with two loving parents, whether those two parents are a mom and a dad, two moms, or two dads, well, that child is very loved and very blessed.  Does that make sense?  Does this answer your question, or do you have other questions you’d like to ask me?

Child:  What is God?

Parent:  “God” means different things to different people.  We are Christian, so we believe that God is a male, our “Heavenly Father”, who watches over us, protects us, and loves us.  We believe that all good things come from God.  We believe that God can do anything and knows everything.  People of other religions may have beliefs that are not the same as ours.  That’s ok too.  While we would like you to be the same religion that we are, we want you to value people of all faiths.  God, by whatever definition, is here for all of us, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Muslim alike.  Have I answered your question well enough or do you have other questions? 

Child:  Are we rich?  How much money do you make?

Parent:  No, we are not rich.  However, we have enough money to meet our needs.  There will always be people with more and people with less than we have.   What matters is not how much money we have, but what we do with what we have.  For example, do we give to those in need?  Do we save a little bit of each of our paychecks?  Do you understand?

Child:  Are you going to die?

Parent:  Yes, I’m going to die . . . someday.  Every living thing on this planet will die at some point.  Every tree will die sooner or later, every pet will die sooner or later, and every person will die sooner or later.  I know that may make you sad, but it’s actually a good thing.  Yes, you will miss me when I’m gone, but, according to the Bible, I’ll be in Heaven, which is a really good place to be.   Death is hard for the people who lose their loved ones.  Remember how sad I was when your Grandma died?  It’s like that:  Grandma was in a better place when she died, but I missed her and was sad.  Have I answered your question fully, or do you want to know anything more?

Child (after a parental fight):  Do you and Mom still love each other?

Parent:  Yes, we sure do.  No two people get along all the time because no two people are exactly alike.  People’s differences cause differences of opinion.  Sometimes, those differences can cause people to fight, but when people love each other, they always find a way to work through their differences and everything is fine.  Your mom and I love each other very much, and everything is fine.

Child:  Where did I come from?

Parent:  You came from God.  Let’s see . . . let’s start at the beginning.  When two people love each other, they often decide to spend the rest of their lives together.  Sometimes, they decide that they want to have children.  It’s kind of a long process, but basically God allows the two people to have a baby.  Babies are gifts from God.  Babies start in a mommy’s tummy.  They grow and grow inside their mommy’s tummy until they are ready to come out of their mommy’s tummy.  After they come out, that’s when you start seeing them wrapped in blankets, laying in strollers, and stuff like that.  They continue growing and growing until they become adults.  Does this fully answer your question, or do you have other questions that you’d like me to answer?

Child:  What is sex?

Parent:  There are different kinds of love between people.  There’s parent-child love . . . like the love I feel for you.  There’s the love of a good friend, like the love you feel for Chris next door.  There’s the love between two spouses, and there are lots of other kinds of love as well.  Sex is something that happens in the love between two spouses.  It is one of the physical ways to express love in that kind of relationship.  Hugs and kisses are physical ways of expressing love.  Sex is also a physical way of expressing love.  However, sex is a more private thing than hugs and kisses; it’s something that you do in private moments, not around other people.   Some people think sex is “naughty”, but it’s really not . . . you just need to reserve it for the right relationship.  You don’t want to walk around kissing everyone, right?   Ok, kisses are only for certain people in your life.  It’s the same with sex: only it’s only for a certain person in your life (meaning one person, not a small number of people, as with kisses).  That’s because its just for the love between two spouses.  Does this make sense?  Do you want to know more about sex, or is this information enough for you?       

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