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How to Save Money on Pet Sitting

You are going on vacation:  Fido and Felix prefer to stay at home.  How can you provide them with the care they need without breaking your bank?

  • 1. Determine the appropriate level of care needed. Fido will probably require more care than will Felix. In addition to daily feeding and watering, Fido needs daily walks. He needs to be let out in a fenced-in backyard at least three times a day. Felix has a litter box that just needs to be cleaned each day. Also assess how much play and cuddle time is wanted by Fido and Felix. If your two pets are independent characters, they won’t need a pet sitter to spend a lot time playing with or cuddling them. On the other hand if Fido loves his daily game of tug-of-war and Felix loves her cuddle time in front of the television, then your pet sitter should accommodate both. Finally, assess your pets’ special needs. Are Fido and Felix on medications that need to be administered at regular intervals? Are the medicines given orally, by injection, or by another method?
  • 2. Determine the best place for the pet sitting to occur. For most pets, the ideal location is the pets’ own home. However, for some pets and circumstances, alternate locations must be chosen. For example, perhaps the pet sitter will pet sit in her own home.
  • 3. Choose the best pet sitter for your family. Are your pets bonded with a nurturing, pet-loving neighbor? Does that neighbor have the time to stop by your house as needed to attend to Fido and Felix? Or how about one of your friends or family members? The best pet sitters are those people that your pets already know and love. If no such pet sitter is available, then try resources such as Care4hire.com to find a suitable pet sitter in your area. Ensure that you introduce the pet sitter to your pets before your vacation to ensure that your pets bond well with your chosen pet sitter.
  • 4. Provide all the supplies (i.e., food, medicine, etc.) that your pet sitter will need to do her job. If the pet sitter must go to a store to purchase supplies, you will need to compensate her for her time spent doing so.

Pet sitting does not have to involve pet massages, pet stress therapy, and other luxuries provided in a spa-like environment.  By accurately assessing your pets’ needs and wants, properly choosing the best pet sitter and location in which the pet sitting will occur, and providing your pet sitter with all needed supplies, you can ensure that Fido and Felix are well cared for while you are on vacation . . . and you can do so without wreaking havoc on your budget.

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