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Keeping Pets Safe in Summer Heat

Just like humans, pets can suffer from heat stroke . . . and, like humans, pets can die from summer heat.  What can we do to protect our four-legged loved ones at this time of year?

  • 1. Keep your pets indoors as much as possible. If your pets need outdoor access, limit that access during the hottest hours of the day and provide your pets with plenty of shade and fresh, cool water when they must be outside during the summer heat.
  • 2. NEVER leave your pet chained in your backyard during summer heat. Chaining reduces the area in which your pets can maneuver. Shade (which moves as the sun crosses the sky each day) may be out of their reach. If your pets must be outdoors, minimize their time outdoors and allow them maximum access to cooling agents (i.e., shade and fresh, cool water) (see #1 above).
  • 3. Consider watering your lawn in the area where your pets will be: they can cool themselves off under the water if they begin to overheat.
  • 4. Reserve your pets’ physical activity to cooler hours of the day. Walks around the park, jogs, and other physical activity should be reserved for early morning or late evening.
  • 5. NEVER leave your pets in the car during summer heat. Temperatures inside a car can rise rapidly without air conditioning to cool the space.
  • 6. Have your pets groomed. If your pets have long hair, consider having your pets’ hair cut shorter during the summer.
  • 7. Ensure that your pets have had a recent veterinary examination. Health problems can make pets even more sensitive to summer heat. Ask your veterinarian for pet-specific tips on keeping your pets safe in summer heat.

By following these steps, you can keep your pets safe during the heat of summer.

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