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How do you care for your pet when you are away?

Whether you’re planning an upcoming vacation, envisioning late nights at the office or anticipating some road trips with your kid’s soccer team, sometimes you need some help taking care of your pets.  Care4Hire offers experienced, reliable, trustworthy pet sitters to help with your family’s needs.

The benefits to hiring Care4Hire’s pet sitters include:

  • Happy, blissful pets.  Pets are happier and less stressed in a familiar environment, so instead of boarding them at a kennel, let our pet sitters care for them in the comfort of their own home.
  • Peace-of-mind knowing that we will be there, as promised, to feed, walk and play with your pets.
  • Our extensive experience working with animals.
  • Our love for animals. It’s our joy to care for your pets!
  • No cages involved!  Many kennels board animals in small cages or pens, which can be uncomfortable and traumatizing.  Let your pets sleep in their own cozy beds instead.
  • Consistency.  Your pets will be able to eat their own food, play with their own toys and stick to their familiar routine.  We’ll work around their schedule!
  • Convenience.  There’s no need to transport your pets anywhere – we’ll come to you. 
  • Affordable rates that are often much more economical than boarding your animals at a kennel.
  • Our experience dealing with emergencies. If your pet gets sick or hurt while you’re away, we’ll work collaboratively with your veterinarian to ensure that he gets the best care.
  • Extensive experience working with all types of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters, gerbils and more.
  • Grooming services that will pamper your pooch and make her look (and smell) divine.

 Your pets will be in great hands with Care4Hire.

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