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Parental Concerns for 2012

You have school-aged children.  Worry comes naturally to parents.  What are the most common and the biggest concerns for parents of school-aged children as they look forward to 2012?  Read on for the answer.

  • Will my children be safe in 2012? Violence, crime, and other safety risks are persistent dangers.
  • Will my children be healthy in 2012? Worries over childhood illnesses, both major and minor, can tug at a parent’s heart.
  • Will my children be happy in 2012? Will they encounter hardship? Will their friendships be strong and enduring? Will they know peace and fun?
  • Will my children’s interests be advanced in 2012? Will they be challenged and successful in school? Will they develop greater mastery of not only their schoolwork, but also of their interests and hobbies, their fine motor skills, their social skills, and the myriad other life skills that they are gaining throughout their school years? Will they find people (i.e., teachers, coaches, etc.) who foster their skill development, believe in their potential, and encourage them to aspire to accomplish or live to their fullest potential? Will all the right doors be open to them?
  • Will my children get along with their siblings in 2012? As parents, we see our children have typical childhood tussles. We also know that some childhood conflicts fester and become lifelong divisive issues between then-grown “children”. We want our children to be a cohesive family unit. So, we worry over conflict.
  • Will I have the emotional, time, and financial resources to provide for my children? Will I have the time and emotional capacity to make my children feel loved and attended to . . . even when I’m working long hours and come home stressed and frustrated? Will I have sufficient financial resources for my children to take the lessons that interest them, purchase the supplies and equipment that is recommended for fostering their knowledge and skills development, save for their college education, etc.?
  • Will I successfully nurture my bond with my children? Will I remain calm and loving when my patience is tested? Will I exhibit understanding when my children behave in ways that are contrary to my expectations or norm? Will I communicate love, even in the most trying circumstances?

As you review the above list, you may correctly perceive that the list of parental concerns for 2012 reads much the same as it would have read a century ago.  However, how each concern manifests may vary from 100 years ago (i.e., concerns regarding the risks of some social media posts would be a new manifestation of an age-old safety concern).  As parents, it is incumbent upon us to assess the risks and opportunities that our children have or should have, and to take steps to mitigate the risks and facilitate the opportunities.

May your family’s 2012 be filled with health, happiness, love, peace, fun, growth, and success.  May you all have a wonderful new year!

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