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Parents Who Decide Not to Have Any More Kids

What do parents consider when deciding whether or not they should have any more kids?  Many factors are considered, some of which are unique to the family involved, but the most common considerations for whether or not to have any more kids are as follows.

* emotions-do the parents miss the sounds, smells, and feel of having a newborn around?  Do they feel stressed at the thought of having more kids?

* experience-was their prior experience with pregnancy pleasant or uncomfortable?  Have they found raising little ones to be mostly enjoyable or difficult?

* finances-can they afford more kids, childcare, etc.?

* health-are their bodies capable of further pregnancies without complications or risks for themselves and/or their babies?

* logistics-would having more kids mean that their families would no longer be able to fit in their current homes, vehicles, etc.?

* me-time-do they need me-time (time alone or to engage in individual, personal pursuits), and do they choose not to surrender that me-time in favor of having more kids?

* paradigms-were they raised in a large or small family?

* relationships-how will additional kids affect relationships between the existing kids or between parents and the existing kids?  (i.e., will adding a third child make the second child deal with “middle child syndrome”?)

* retirement planning-what do they expect their retirement years to look like?  When do they expect retirement to begin?

* time and energy consumed by current life-are they fully maxed out in taking care of their existing kids?  (Perhaps an existing child is not well and needs a lot of special attention.)

* work-do they currently balance home life and work life . . . and having additional kids would throw that balance out of whack?

The decision to have more kids (or not to have more kids) is a uniquely personal decision.  Each family must make that decision based on their own unique situation, after giving thought to the considerations listed above and other considerations that are specific to their situation.

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