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New Years Can Be Peaceful and Worry-Free with the Right Babysitter

We at Care4hire.com are making families’ lives easier.  Our website has many blogs and helpful tips on childrearing, hiring babysitters, and surviving the holidays.

So how can we help you regarding New Year’s Eve?  Here are some tips for a stress-free way to ring in the New Year whether it be for a few hours – or overnight:

  • Book your babysitter now. By booking your babysitter early, you ensure that you have a New Year’s Eve babysitter, and you have the time to interview and select the best babysitter for your family. Many qualified babysitters can be found on our website, Care4hire.com.
  • Introduce your kids to the babysitter prior to New Year’s Eve to further ensure that the babysitter is a good fit for your family. The best time for this introduction to occur is during the interview. Children feel more positive about a new babysitter if they are given a chance to help select their new babysitter. Thus, including children in the babysitter interviews, and seeking the children’s input after the interviews are over, helps ensure a good fit between your family and the new babysitter.
  • Detail the children’s routine. By thoroughly communicating the children’s routines (bedtimes, snack times, snack foods, etc.) with your new babysitter, you minimize the chance that the children’s schedules will be disrupted by the addition of the new babysitter.
  • Let your babysitter know how to reach you in case of emergency. If you don’t carry a cellular telephone or beeper, and you won’t be at a location at which a telephone is accessible, you should leave a name and telephone number of someone (a relative or close friend) who is to be contacted in your absence.
  • You may need to offer an increased hourly rate for working on this or any other major holiday. Babysitters, like other workers, sometimes need a financial incentive to draw them to work (rather than pursue personal activities) on a holiday.

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