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National Childcare Provider Day – May 7, 2010

National Childcare Provider Day is May 7th, 2010.  This is a great time to acknowledge your babysitter for all she (or he) does for your family.  Your babysitter plays an important role in your family’s life, and s/he is a source of true love and devotion for your children.

Following are some ways you can recognize your babysitter on National Childcare Provider Day:

  • Write him/her a note about how much s/he means to your family, how grateful you are to have him/her as your nanny, and how much your children love him/her
  • Have your children draw him/her pictures, write him/her a thank-you note, or make him/her a small gift
  • Give him/her a framed photograph of your children, or of him/her with your children
  • Give him/her a cellular telephone, computer, scrapbooking materials, a designer purse, a paid trip home to visit his/her family, or the vacation use of your summer cottage/houseboat/other luxury item
  • Assemble a basket of his/her favorite items (suggestions include famous brand coffee or tea, fancy chocolates or jams, a new book, a new DVD, etc.)
  • Give him/her a gift certificate for a product or service that s/he values (suggestions include gift certificates to a beauty salon, nail salon, day spa, bookstore, clothes store, department store, etc.)
  • Give him/her tickets to the theatre, opera, ballet, a concert, a sporting event, or some other event of interest to him/her
  • Give him/her a membership at a gym or club
  • Treat him/her to dinner at his/her favorite restaurant, and ensure that you communicate over dinner that s/he is the guest of honor at dinner
  • Give him/her a bonus check
  • Send him/her flowers with a thank-you card attached
  • Verbally thank him/her for all that s/he does for your family

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