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Mother’s Day Recognition

As Mother’s Day approaches, you may be wondering what to do to honor the mother in the household in which you work.  This article will address that issue and provide you with suggestions.

Mother’s Day cards from non-child senders are commonly available.  You may find a Mother’s Day card that expresses your admiration for the mother’s caring ways . . . or that expresses whatever sentiment that you wish to express to the mother.

Mother’s Day gifts are usually role-specific.  Some examples follow.

If you are a babysitter, housekeeper, dog walker or pet sitter, errand runner or personal shopper in the mother’s home, suggested gift items include a gift card to the restaurant or retailer of the mother’s preference, a gift certificate for the personal service of her preference (i.e., a manicure, pedicure, massage, etc.), a CD or DVD that she may like, a book she has been wanting to read, a gift hand-made jointly by you and her children, a home accent piece that would be a lovely addition to her home or a framed professional photograph of her pet.

These are but a few of the many gift possibilities that are available to you.  Ultimately, the gift you choose is not as important as the message you convey in the gift and the card: what matters most is your expression of caring, admiration, or whatever other descriptive best fits how you regard the mother in the household in which you work.

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