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Male Babysitters

Babysitters used to be almost exclusively female, male babysitters have become more common in recent years.  What are the benefits of hiring a male babysitter?

  • A male babysitter can be a masculine role model in a household without a father-figure.
  • A male babysitter may be able to connect with and relate to the kids in his care in a manner that is different than a female babysitter by virtue of gender relationships and the kids’ gender self-identification.
  • A large, muscular male babysitter can be particularly helpful if one or more of the kids in his care needs to be lifted and carried (such as in the case of a child with severe physical disabilities) or if there are safety and security risks to the kids in his care (i.e., he would be doubling as babysitter and bodyguard).
  • Males tend to be more proficient in math and science; females tend to be more proficient in languages.  So, for a family with kids needing homework help, a male babysitter with an orientation to math and science may be just the ticket if homework struggles focus on these subjects.
  • A male babysitter tends to have masculine interests, of course.  So, a family with all sons may find a male babysitter is a great fit for their kids.
  • With women now comprising just over 50% of the workforce, men are adapting to sharing more of the workload at home as well.  Parents can ease this transition for the next generation by hiring a well chosen male babysitter who is, in essence, a good daddy in training.

It bears noting that parents should hire a babysitter based on his/her unique skills, knowledge, and personality.  Hiring based on gender alone can be fraught with difficulty.

When hiring a babysitter (of either gender), parents should perform thorough background checks unless they themselves know the babysitter very well.  Babysitters of both genders can be very good or outright disastrous.  It is up to parents to screen out the disasters waiting to happen and choose the best qualified candidate for the babysitting job.  A male babysitter may just be that best qualified candidate.

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