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Keeping Indoor Kitty Active

Indoor kitties can become overweight and under-exercised unless their humans devote time and attention to the physical and cognitive needs of their kitties.  What follows are 6 tips on how to help indoor kitties stay active.

  • Spend at least a half hour daily attending to your kitty. 
  • Brush her, cuddle her, pet her, and stimulate her nerve endings (touch) and her mind (interaction).
  • Play hide and seek with kitty. This is a great game and fun for all involved. You can start by peeking around the corner at kitty (make sure to peek with one eye only . . . that really piques kitty’s interest). Then, withdraw behind the corner. Stay still and silent for a moment. Then, repeat the process. Ultimately, kitty will likely come to you to investigate. If kitty walks over to you, it’s time to cuddle. If kitty runs over to you, it’s time for you to run because the chase is on! Don’t forget to let her catch you after a while.
  • Play with kitty using her toys.
  • Play hunting games under a blanket or sheet. For example, crumple a washcloth into a ball and tie it up with heavy binding string (note: leave a long section of string attached to the washcloth). Place the crumpled and tied washcloth under a blanket or sheet, leaving the long string sticking out the edge of the blanket or sheet. Slowly pull on the string such that the washcloth moves slowly nearer to you. Kitty will pounce and play-attack the “prey” under the blanket or sheet.
  • Play hide-the-treat with kitty. Place a few of kitty’s favorite snacks in different locations. Help her find them and then let her indulge in her snack. Meanwhile, the hunt for her treat will be good exercise.

By following these tips, you can help your indoor kitty stay active.  By doing so, you will increase her happiness (and likely your own as well), and you will also foster her health and longevity. 

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