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Is Your Babysitter a Positive Caregiver?

You want your babysitter to be a positive caregiver for your children.  What behaviors should you be looking for? 

Does your babysitter:

  • smile easily?
  • laugh easily?
  • exhibit good eye contact?
  • speak using a variety of pitches or tones?
  • discuss the silver lining in each cloud?
  • discuss the future with anticipation and excitement?
  • give praise or affirmations to others often?
  • employ friendly, open body language and facial expressions?
  • exhibit empathy, compassion, and patience instead of criticism?
  • forgive quickly and easily?
  • seek to understand perspectives that differ from her own?
  • promptly and correctly identify problems and their solutions?
  • identify problems as learning or growth opportunities?
  • exhibit a love of learning, socialization, and health/wellness?
  • exhibit self-awareness and self-acceptance?
  • model behaviors associated with establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries?
  • adapt easily to change?
  • remain calm when circumstances are hectic?
  • embrace feedback with an open mind?
  • lead by example?

Your children learn by example.  When you model positive behaviors and choose a babysitter that does the same, you set the stage for your children’s own positive behaviors.

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