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How Did My Life Become So Crazy? Managing an Overwhelming Schedule

It seems as though we’re busier than ever these days, with school, work, sporting events, dance recitals and more.   And most moms (myself included!) sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it all.  How to deal?

  •  Ask for help.  Retain a cleaning service, secure a babysitter, hire someone to do your errands.  Remember that it takes a village….
  • Do what you can in advance.   I often carve out a few hours on Sunday to prepare some meals for the week.  I feel less overwhelmed on Monday morning if I already have some lunches packed and a few dinners prepared for the week ahead.
  • Prioritize.  I’d rather spend my time playing with the kids than cleaning my house, so I hire a cleaning service on a regular basis.  It’s impossible to do it all, so delegate whenever you can.
  • Don’t feel guilty.  I’ve decided that it’s OK to have someone else run my errands (or clean my house) while I take my kids out for ice cream or snuggle together on the couch. 
  • Trade off with friends.  I’ll pick up a gift for my friend while I’m at the mall, she’ll drop off my clothes at the dry cleaners while she’s there anyway.   If you share responsibilities, it means less work for both of you.
  • Make a date out of it.  OK, it may not sound romantic, but sometimes my husband and I will hire a sitter…and just run errands together.  We spend uninterrupted time together and get a bunch of stuff done.  It’s a win-win situation.
  • Get the kids to help.  My kids think it’s great fun to help with household chores, so I “let” them help me sweep the floor, separate the recycling, make salads, throw in a load of laundry.  They’re amused and I get some much-needed assistance
  • Get ready the night before.  Set out clothes, put homework in backpacks, find any special gear (ballet shoes, gymnastics leotard) that you and your kids will need for the next day.  This makes the morning routine much more manageable.

 And when all else fails, a nice hot bath can do wonders for your frazzled soul, don’t you think?

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