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Homework and Holidays

Your kids are home for the holidays.  School’s out: homework may be out of sight, but you don’t want it to be out of mind.  What can you do to help your kids keep their academics fresh in their minds so that they hit the ground running when they return to school in January?

  • 1. Do homeschooling over the holidays. If your kids can take their textbooks home over the holidays, you can use those in your home lesson plans. Otherwise, you can speak with your kids’ teachers for books that they recommend, visit your public library for teaching resources, or tap the network of homeschoolers in your area.
  • 2. Read to your kids (or have them read for themselves) from an age-appropriate leisure reading book each night. There are many wonderful holiday-specific books for kids, and other non-holiday books may also attract your kids. Let your kids have choice in the books that they read: they will be more likely to embrace reading if they have been given the opportunity to choose books that interest them.
  • 3. Have your kids write holiday greeting cards to family members and friends. Check their grammar and punctuation.
  • 4. Discuss the learning opportunities in daily activities. For example, picture this scenario: you and your kids are at the grocery store, you want to purchase six oranges, the price for oranges is marked as 75 cents each. How much will you pay (not including taxes) for the six oranges that you want?
  • 5. Talk with your kids about the upcoming spring semester. What are they looking forward to? What classes will be the most interesting and why? What classes will be the most challenging and why? Do they feel adequately prepared for the beginning of that semester? Is there anything they need to help them be successful in their academic pursuits?

By following these tips, you can help your kids keep their academics fresh in their minds so that they will be able to get back in the swing of things when school resumes after the holidays.

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