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Holidays and Final Exams

Your high school-aged kids have final exams coming up, but they are distracted from their studies by the excitement of the holidays.  How can you help your kids best prepare for their exams?

*Have your kids bring their textbooks home from school each day.  Set aside a specific range of time each evening to work on the material together.  For example, you may set aside 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. each evening for helping your kids study.  Family members should be told that study time is “no-distraction time” so that telephone calls and non-academic Mommy-do requests don’t interrupt study time.  The study area should be quiet, brightly lit, comfortably warm, and have low traffic.  During study time, you and your kids should review their coursework together.  Write out lists of things that need to be memorized (i.e., the formula for the surface area of a cylinder, the names of impressionist painters, the elements in the periodic table, etc.).  Quiz your kids on these lists.  Many textbooks have sample test question in the backs of the books; you and your kids can work through these.

*Tap online resources for additional study opportunities for study time.  Many textbooks have their own online resources.  The Internet abounds with other resources as well . . . however, you are encouraged to refer to credible, authoritative websites only to avoid misinformation from less credible websites.

*Also set aside time every day or two for holiday celebration.  This time may be spent in decorating for the holidays, baking and decorating holiday cookies, planning a holiday party, shopping for Christmas gifts, Christmas caroling, attending a worship service, doing something nice for someone in need, volunteering at the food bank, etc.

*Host study groups of your kids’ friends and classmates in your home.

*Hire a tutor to help your kids prepare for their final exams.

*Ensure that your kids eat three well balanced meals daily, maintain regular bedtimes, and get seven to nine hours of sleep each night, even with all the sugary snacks, holiday activities, and excitement of this time of year.

*Keep non-essential stress to a minimum in your kids’ lives and in your household.

*Provide your kids with plenty of encouragement and support.  Encouragement includes statements such as, “You’re really doing well in your studies!”, “I admire how you’ve set your academic goals and are doing what you need to do to achieve your goals!”, etc.  Support includes providing your kids with a listening ear when they are stressed or frustrated, giving them wise counsel when appropriate, comforting them while they cry, etc.  Preparation for final exams is not solely an intellectual process . . . it can be an emotional experience as well, especially during the holidays.  In order for you to help your kids prepare for their final exams, you must address both the intellectual and emotional elements of their preparation.

By following the tips from Care4hire.com above, you can help your high school-aged kids prepare for their final exams despite the distractions and excitement of the holiday season.

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