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Signs of Happiness

You want your child to be healthy and happy.  Your child’s pediatrician can tell you if your child is healthy.  How can you tell if your child is happy?  Just look for signs of happiness!  If your child exhibits the following 12 behaviors, it is likely that s/he is happy.

1.      Smiling easily and often.

2.      Laughing easily and often.

3.      Singing and/or humming easily and often.

4.      Drawing pictures with happy themes.

5.      Displaying love to family and close friends (i.e., hugging loved ones).

6.      Allowing personal vulnerability around family and close friends (i.e., by freely talking about important subjects and disclosing personal information).

7.      Maintaining healthy, harmonious relationships.

8.      Being able to resolve differences constructively.

9.      Accepting people who are different.

10.   Exhibiting interest in the lives and activities of others.

11.   Setting and striving for reasonable goals.

12.   Adapting reasonably well when circumstances change.

While there are many signs of happiness, the above 12 signs are common indicators of happiness.  May you find them in your child today and every day.

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