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A Tribute to Grandparents

My kids’ grandparents are a blessing.  When my husband and I have a date night, or when our schedules just don’t mesh quite right, Grandpa and Grandma come to the rescue!  The swoop in, surrogate parents that they are, and my kids barely miss a beat.  Grandparents know the lay of the land at our house (i.e. where everything can be found), they understand house rules, and they understand behavioral expectations (after all, they are the ones who instilled the boundaries in us back when we were young, uh, younger).

Grandpa  does a great job entertaining the kids with all kinds of fun outings.  They go swimming, shopping, and have every adventure possible around town.  Grandma is an excellent hostess for kids: she has kid-friendly place settings at the table, and she always serves healthy but fun meals and snacks for the kids when they dine at her house.

The kids love spending time with their grandparents.  I like that they are building an enduring bond with their grandparents.  I can almost see a torch being passed.  Some days, it touches me deeply.  Other days, I just have to laugh out loud.

Yes, there are times when I am less than amused by grandparent – grandchild interactions.  Take the time that my youngest misbehaved and my parents responded by . . . you’re thinking that they held him accountable, but alas they did not . . . no, no . . . they regaled him with stories about my own childhood misbehaviors that made his recent misdeed pale by comparison.  How was that helpful?!  Or the time I came home from work one chilly November 1st only to find that Grandpa had allowed the kids to eat a large portion of their Halloween candy from trick-or-treating the night before.  The kids were on a sugar high, and it took me two days to peel them off the ceiling.  I still haven’t found my pink vase.  Heaven only knows where it got to during “the sugar incident”.

Still, even on these occasions, grandparents mean well.  Sure, they may spoil or indulge the kids every once in a while, but perhaps that is the stuff of magic between grandparents and grandchildren.

These days are precious and fleeting.  My kids won’t always have access to their grandparents.  So, we are treasuring them while we can.  Yes, my kids’ grandparents are a blessing.  Our lives are richly blessed because of them.

Happy Grandparents’ Day!

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