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Grandparent’s Day

Grandparents’ Day is a day to celebrate grandparents and thank them for all that they mean to (and do for) their grandchildren.  Here are some things that families can do in recognition of this special day.

Family Crafts

  • Handmade greeting cards from grandchildren
  • Photographs of grandchildren in handmade frames (i.e., popsicle stick sunflower frames, construction paper frames, or refrigerator magnet frames)
  • Plaster castings or ink prints of grandchildren’s hands or feet
  • Grandchildren’s drawings of grandparents doing something fun with their grandchildren
  • Grandchildren’s hand-decorated flower pots (if grandparents have potted plants)
  • Poems written by grandchildren about their grandparents
  • Gifts bearing grandchildren’s photographs (i.e., t-shirts, key chains, mugs, etc.)
  • “Brag books” (small photograph albums containing a selection of pictures of grandchildren)
  • Voice-recordable books with voices of grandchildren recorded
  • Homemade CD or DVD of grandchildren sending their love to long-distance grandparents

Family Activities

  • Spend time in grandparent story telling or the sharing of family memories (these can even be recorded on DVD for preservation purposes)
  • Go for a family car ride together, visit locales important in family history (i.e., the house where grandpa was born or the school that grandma attended) (this too can be recorded on DVD for preservation purposes)
  • Have professional or candid  photographs taken of all three generations together (frame these as gifts for grandparents)
  • Jointly prepare and share family meals (in the home or as a picnic)
  • Do things of shared interest (i.e., nature walks, whittling, playing cards, singing, painting, going to the zoo, etc.)

Each family celebrates Grandparents’ Day in their own unique way, based on their own personalities and traditions.  The bullet points above are merely examples; the possibilities are endless!

From our families to yours, may you and your family have a wonderful Grandparents’ Day!

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