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The Value of Kids’ Relationships with Prior Generations

Most kids have relationships with people from a variety of generations.  They have friends, neighbors, siblings, and cousins in their own generation.  From the prior generation, they have relationships with parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, teachers, and parents of friends.  From two generations removed, they have relationships with grandparents, neighbors, teachers, and grandparents of friends.  What is the value of the kids’ relationships with prior generations?  Kids’ relationships with prior generations are invaluable: read on for the specifics.

Kids learn how to be an adult by watching the adults around them.  Positive role modeling is crucial to healthy child development.  Kids with constructive relationships with prior generations can also learn how to develop into a healthy adult by seeking wise counsel from these prior generations.

Kids build self-esteem and shape their self-concept based in large part on the interactions that they have with prior generations.  What prior generations praise, encourage, criticize, or punish in kids’ behaviors will shape the behaviors those kids choose as they develop into adults.  Additionally, familial and non-familial prior generations can display and teach unconditional love.

Kids’ exposure to different generations increases kids’ understanding of different ways of thinking about and doing things.  Kids also learn adaptive ways to communicate with different people groups.   Additionally, kids learn about professions . . . information that they use to choose a profession of their own as they approach adulthood.

By speaking with prior generations and hearing their life stories, kids develop an understanding of history from a first-person perspective.  Kids may roll their eyes when their grandfathers start talking about their time in “the war”, but the stories that they hear, albeit potentially involuntarily, are important to their understanding of history.

Kids learn about their own health histories from the prior generations in their own bloodline.  Once health histories are learned, plans can be made to monitor and minimize the risks of these health issues.

Finally, from prior generations, kids learn about human aging, dying, and death.

So, in sum, what is the value of the kids’ relationships with prior generations?  Kids’ relationships with prior generations are invaluable!

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