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Fun Things Babysitters Can Do with Kids during the Holiday Season

You’re a babysitter . . . not just any babysitter . . . no, you’re a GREAT baby sitter.  You want to help make the holiday season wonderful for the kids that are in your care.  Here are some fun things you can do with your kids this holiday season.  (Note: make sure that you have parental permission for these adventures.)

  • Participate in a living nativity scene or a reenactment of the first Christmas
  • Go caroling to neighboring homes, nursing homes, etc.
  • Be a secret Santa for a person or family in need
  • Help decorate the kids’ house or Christmas tree
  • Make Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree
  • Make Christmas treats to share with friends, loved ones, and families in need
  • Make Christmas presents (hand casts, artwork, etc.) that the kids can give their friends and family
  • Hand-make Christmas greeting cards for friends and loved ones
  • Host a kids’ Christmas party for your kids and their friends and classmates
  • Host a hayrack ride complete with the story of Mary and Joseph in the manger
  • Learn about another religion and its traditions that coincide with the holiday season (i.e., Hanukkah)
  • Watch Christmas-themed movies
  • Go sledding or snow skiing, or use a toboggan or saucer
  • Make warm spiced apple cider and serve it to the kids’ parents when they come home (presumably cold and somewhat tired)
  • Spend time talking about and planning things you can do to show Christly love to others

Countless opportunities for fun and merriment exist during the holiday season.   May you and the kids in your care (and their parents as well) have a joyous holiday season!  

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  • Berry Matkowski

    I love Book Week!!!!! Its soooooooo amazing! You can read all the time and not get in trouble. My dad & I have made the best costume EVER and I can’t wait until Friday!

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