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Why Is It So Difficult to Find the Right Caregiver for Your Family?

Your family needs a nanny, a babysitter, or an eldercare giver.  It’s tough.  You don’t know where to begin.  Should you run a help-wanted advertisement?  How will you know who is a good candidate and who is not?  Is the drawing pool from the advertisement sufficiently large to give you a good array of candidates from whom you can choose?  Conversely, should you contact an area non-profit or school for a recommendation?  Agencies that support parents with children or people with elder care-giving responsibilities may have a list of available caregivers, but  do they screen the caregivers or just provide you a list of people who may or may not be trustworthy?  Lists of possible caregivers from area schools have similar questions.  On the other hand, what about word of mouth?  Can you recruit for your needed caregiver merely by word of mouth?  Can you generate a sufficient applicant pool this way?  If someone comes recommended by their prior employer (a manufacturing firm), does that necessarily mean that the person would be a good caregiver?  Oh, and let’s not forget the decisions you have to make regarding hiring a caregiver.  Do you need to put the new hire on contract?  Must you withhold taxes for the person?  Should the caregiver live in or out of your home?  What should you pay the person?  Do you need to provide employment benefits?  Do you need to speak with a lawyer and an accountant to do this all properly?

Care4Hire.com is here to help you.  We can provide you with a large list of available caregivers.  You can contact as many as you would like, pre-screening them by telephone, teleconference, e-mails, texts, or other method, and screening and selecting them through in-person interviews and using tools provided to you by Care4Hire.  We can provide you with the online resources to perform background checks on your top candidate(s).  We can also provide you with the information and template forms you will need to hire and employ the caregiver that is best for your family, and in a manner that is right for your family.

Please visit Care4hire.com today to see how easy it can be to find the right caregiver for your family.

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