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How to Tell Your Kids You are Downsizing your House

Sit down with your kids and tell them as a family about the downsizing.  Speak openly with your kids about your downsizing, why it’s happening, and how it will affect them.  For example, you may say, “When we bought this house, we were raising five kids.  Now, three of you are in college.  We don’t need this big house when we have only two kids at home, so we’re downsizing.  We’ll be putting this house on the market soon and finding a new home that is the right size for just the four of us.  If you want to go with us to look at other houses, we’d love for you to come along.  In the next week or two, we’d like you to think about what you’d reasonably like in our new house.  More bathrooms?  Bigger bedrooms?  Something else?  Keep in mind, though, that we’re downsizing, so your wish list will need to be consistent with that.  When we move, you can choose your own bedroom and decorate it to suit you . . . pending parental approval, of course.  We’ll stay within this school district, so you will not change schools.  You’ll remain close to your friends.”  If you observe any of your kids saying or doing anything that suggests that they may be troubled by any aspect of the downsizing, visit with them privately.  Ask them how they are feeling about the situation.  What are their hopes regarding the relocation?  Concerns?  What do they look forward to?  Let your kids know that it’s ok to speak with you openly and honestly, and be understanding and pragmatic in your responses.  For example, if one of your kids tells you that s/he is going to miss his/her room, you may say, “I know that change is scary and you really love your room, but maybe your next room will be even cooler.  You can decorate it all over again to suit your current interests, not the interests that you had when you were much younger.  Also, maybe you’ll have your own bathroom.  Wouldn’t that be nice?”

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